Senior Business Analysis Manager

Job Description

A leading print and packaging company which leads from the front in terms of innovation and technology is looking for someone to head their business analysis department. Overseeing the activities of the department and its personnel, you will lead the business through all efforts that drive performance and potential by using existing and new data sources and techniques. This project management lead role will require for your hands to get dirty, solve hard analytical problems for the business, and develop departmental culture, policies and strategy.

First and foremost, as leader within the department, you will lead initiatives relating to the optimisation of existing departmental policies and improve performance throughout the business, while keeping project costs in check and ensuring the department remains within the planned criteria including quality, timescale and budget. It will be your job to champion departmental vision and culture in making key decisions. Senior Business Analysis role will drive daily analytical approaches and explore solutions to problems, ensuring prioritisation of long-term needs.

This analytics-heavy role will require a candidate that demonstrates a passion for research and data and be highly skilled in performing quantitative analyses on various business functions, for example, on consumer behaviour and trends. The candidate must also be able to draw complex queries that ultimately lead to improvements in business performance. The candidate for this position will additionally have vast knowledge in the identification of key metrics that measure and drive long-term health of the business.

This leading role requires a naturally born leader with managerial experience and strong communication skills. You will coach, mentor, motivate and review your team members, influencing them to take positive action and accountability for their assigned work. A natural ability to make strong, lasting, and meaningful connection with others will aid the execution of duties in this highly collaborative role. We are looking for someone who is likeable, relatable and easily approachable, hence, inspiring trust in departmental heads, stakeholders, and junior personnel, who will all trust and follow in your insights, directives, and judgements.

The candidate for this senior business analysis position will be self-motivated, proactive taking initiative and going beyond call of duty, be helpful and service-oriented, have exceptional problem-solving skills. You must work comfortably in a cross-functional setting, work comfortably with business senior executives, take accountability for the business’s performance, and have an ability to remain calm and composed under stress and uncertainty, inspiring the same in the team.