Where have all the candidates gone?

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The question on every recruiter’s mind at the moment is where have all the candidates gone? Well, there are a few answers to that question. Firstly, there are less candidates looking for work across all sectors, so you’re not alone. After the disruption of the pandemic, many people are still unsure of what the future holds. This uncertainty has led people to become more cautious, which means they are hesitant to move from a secure job position. Plus, there is also the economic uncertainty that comes with increasing costs and household bills, which is another reason for not wanting to risk change at the moment.

On the flip side, there are also people who have had more time to consider what they want from their careers following the pandemic, meaning they are now retraining or returning to education, reducing their working hours, or making career changes into alternative industries. As well, there are those that have decided to take early retirement after being made redundant, leaving gaps in the fields they left behind.

So now you have a clearer idea of why there is a shortage of candidates, here are a couple of ways you can increase your applications.

Look at how attractive you are as an employer

There are applicants out there; you just need the right bait to reel them in. Start by looking at how your salary and company benefits compare to other businesses out there. The world may have felt like it stopped during the pandemic, but salary levels and the cost of living didn’t. Therefore, in the race to find the best candidate, having a competitive salary could make you seem more appealing in a time of increasing costs. Also, having benefits such as hybrid working can really make the difference to those that are struggling with the cost of fuel or need to work around child care.

Offer training

You may find that a shortage of applicants is the result of not having a particular skill set needed to apply for the role. If candidates feel like they don’t meet a certain criteria, then this may prevent them from applying. So why not try widening the criteria of your selection process, rather than looking for fully skilled candidates? Look for people with skills in related areas that you could offer training to, as this will automatically attract a bigger pool of applicants.

If all else fails, look within

If you’re still struggling to attract new candidates, try looking at your own staff members, as there could be a few hidden gems already working for you. Speak to your employees and find out how they feel about their role, and whether there are other areas that they can utilise their skills in. You may find that merging some of the job roles will help you fill those gaps.

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