Common mistakes made when interviewing a candidate

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When making a good first impression, it’s not just the candidates that need to win you over, as interviewers also need to make a good impression, especially since they are representing the hiring company. Therefore, it is important to work on your interviewing technique if you want to make the right impression, as the last thing you want is for your poor interviewing skills to drive away a potential candidate. With that in mind, we’re going to cover some of the most common interviewing mistakes hiring managers make, and how you can avoid them.


1) Asking irrelevant questions

Asking the right interview questions can tell you more about a candidate than their CV will. Which means asking irrelevant questions will not only waste both of your time but will undermine your efforts in finding the right candidate for the job. Not to mention, it can be confusing for the person who has already prepared their answers for common interview questions. Therefore, you need to have a clear understanding of what you want to get out of the interview before preparing your questions. If you’re unsure, you can always research a list of relevant interview questions to ask your candidates – but just make sure the questions are relevant to the role they are applying for.

2) Lack of preparation

Just like the candidates you’re interviewing, you will also need to prepare for the interview. If you don’t, it can make your candidate question what kind of company they have applied for. Plus, it will only result in a missed opportunity to gather important information that could help you make an informed decision. So always make sure you are well prepared and have clear objectives when walking into the interview.

3) Mannerisms

Many hiring managers think that being professional in an interview means acting stern and formal. But this can often have a negative effect on the candidate you are interviewing, as this may make them feel uneasy and intimidated. Although you need to be professional, your candidate will feel far more relaxed if you appear laid back and friendly. Therefore, you need to find the right balance between professional and informal in order to make your candidate feel more comfortable. This means no negative body language and speaking in a monotonous voice, as this will only deter candidates from accepting the job.

4) Unrealistic expectations

It’s only natural to want to find the perfect candidate for the job, however, you still need to manage your expectations, as there is no such thing as perfect! Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, you should try and look for a candidate that has the relevant skills required for the role. Just because a candidate speaks 6 languages, doesn’t mean they are qualified for the role. Plus, setting unrealistic expectations will only lead to disappointment; therefore, it’s important to focus on hiring someone that has the necessary skills and qualifications for the job.

5) Unclear job description

Another issue that can arise is an incorrect job description. Always provide specific details about the job and the skills that are required. From the job advert, a candidate should have a clear understanding of the role. Plus, providing a clear description will increase the probability of you hiring the right candidate with the necessary skills. Being too generic will only attract irrelevant candidates and therefore prolonging your job search. If you are unsure about how to write an effective advert, you can always check out our other blog ‘how to right an effective job ad’.

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