Apprenticeships and young people in print

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This month at Ozzle Jobs we are delving into the world of apprenticeships and the vibrant landscape of young people in print. In this blog, we explore how apprenticeships offer a pathway for emerging talents to hone their skills and make their mark in the printing and packaging industry. From pre- press operations to production and sales management, let's uncover the exciting journey of young people finding their place in print.

The renaissance of apprenticeships

In recent years, apprenticeships have resurged, offering a dynamic alternative to traditional educational routes. For young people, apprenticeships provide hands-on experience, mentorship and a chance to learn directly from industry professionals. Whether it's working in printing warehouses or design studios, apprenticeships offer a valuable opportunity for young people to dive headfirst into the compelling world of print. Now is an especially exciting time to start an apprenticeship – the print sector is putting the spotlight on young people in print and welcoming young minds with open arms.

Skill development

Behind every captivating piece of print media lies the work of skilled designers, production specialists and incredible sales managers. Apprenticeships in design studios and printing warehouses offer young creatives the opportunity to learn the art of layout, colour theory, and graphic design as well as managing complex print workflows and seeing the full production (and sales) process from start to finish. Through hands-on experience, apprentices develop the technical expertise and creative vision needed to produce visually stunning print and packaging products that captivate audiences on exciting, new and state-of-the-art equipment. The print industry provides an outlet for all kinds of creative expression where what lies in the imagination can be turned into reality.

Embracing Diversity and Inclusivity

In the ever-evolving landscape of print media, diversity and inclusivity are paramount. Apprenticeships play a crucial role in fostering a culture of representation, where voices from all backgrounds are heard and celebrated. By providing opportunities for young people from diverse communities to enter the print industry, apprenticeships contribute to a richer, more inclusive media landscape that reflects the richness of human experience.


 As we conclude our exploration of apprenticeships and young people in print, one thing becomes clear: there is a lot of talent out there and we all need to play our part in encouraging aspiring individuals to enter the exciting and dynamic world of the print and packaging industry. There are lots of conversations already taking place about this and Young People in Print (YPIP) in particular, are already championing this through their website and social media channels. Through apprenticeship programmes, young people can be empowered to make their mark and inform, inspire, and ignite change within the print and packaging industry. Let us celebrate and champion the journey of apprentices and the vibrant diversity and boundless potential of young people in print.

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